YA Sci-Fi

Young Adult Science Fiction

skiffy - foomandoonianYoung Adult Science Fiction is unique in that it contains tons of action, which takes place in fictitious settings. This genre is filled with books that take you on a wild journey in new and very interesting worlds. However, there is more to these books than wild action because a number of books in this genre handle some very deep issues as well.

Whenever you pick up a book in the Young Adult Science Fiction genre you will be left wondering as to how different the world can be. The tales are very gripping and will talk about subjects that are very intriguing. Some books talk about how memory has so much power and how these powers need to be manipulated ethically. Other books deal with the cost of living in a utopian society.

Young Adult Science Fiction has always attracted teenagers because their minds are so fertile and ready to absorb tales of wizards and vampires and more.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is an example of the kinds of books that are available in this genre. This book deals with the moments just before the earth is obliterated. Once earth is destroyed, a galactic freeway is formed. This book then takes you on a journey across both space as well as time.

The High Crusade by Poul Anderson is another excellent example of Young Adult Science Fiction. It deals with a spaceship from an alien world that ends up in fourteenth century England at about the time when the Hundred Years War is taking place. It is all about being adaptable and stubborn and how these qualities will help you overcome the worst odds.

Anthony Piers in his book called A Spell for Chameleon creates a tale that is not only very humorous but also very fantastic. In his book, Piers gives each citizen the power to do magic. The only one who does not possess such powers is the hero who goes by the name of Bink. However, this does not deter Bink who along with his companions begin a journey to find out what is the source of Xanth and its magic. On the way they come across some very unexpected foes.

These examples of Young Adult Science Fiction show that anything and everything is possible. It is up to the author to weave a tale that will fill the reader’s mind with fantastic journeys and stories.

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Dark Faeries Light Faeries

Faery Basics

The Enchanting and Magical Faeries in the world of Fantasy
Moleskine - L. WhittakerThe word Fairy hails from the Old French term faerie. It is defined as a tutelary spirit or a guardian, and have the general appearance of humans but with magical powers. Their images vary widely and depend on specific tales and folklore. Some faeries are friendly and gentle, while some are malevolent and hostile to humans. Some were sighted as being fair, while othere were repulsive and monstrous-looking. They come in all sizes as well, ranging from skinny, tall or fat. Greek mythology portrays them as nymphs, spirits of nature. Norse version would paint them as elves, or the valkyries. Even in Arthurian legends the faeries make an appearance. Fay is a subname of faerie- the Lady of the Lake, Morgan le Fay and even Merlin were considered as supernatural beings. Sometimes Faeries are classified into general elements such as the Earth fairy, the Water fairy, the Air and the Fire fairies. In the modern culture, Faeries are now shown as small winged beings with supernatural powers and shine with a light from within. Their wings are made of colorful butterfly or various insect wings.
William Butler Yeats has created a literary work that wrote of faeries. It was entitled Fairy and Folk Tales. In it he divided them into two wide categories:
The Trooping or Social Faeries
These types of magical creatures live in a large community, like a clan. They are about the size of a pixie and are about 6″ tall. They have an organized structure and heirarchy. The order is maintained usually by a ruling king or queen. Trooping was coined due to them travelling in long processions. They live in underground kingdoms near the woods or across the seas. They love to spend time feasting, dancing, fighting, playing beautiful music and making love. Trooping types are often seen wearing the trademark green jacket. An example of social types are elves, pixies and willow wisps.
The Solitary Faeries
These types of magical creatures live alone, hence the term solitary. Solitary ones are believed to be descendants of spirits who make up the entire nature. They have the same power and abilities as their more friendly ones. The main difference between the two is that the solitary faeries are wild and dangerous. They will not hesitate to lead an unsuspecting victim to their death, or steal and replace a human child. They are not usually seen but their presence is shown by the creature’s activity. Solitary types wear the traditional red, grey or brown jackets. An example of solitary types are banshees, sprites, leprechauns and trolls.

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Fantasy Genre

The Magical World Found In Fantasy Literature

Perched Faery - Hovias SudonelghmThe fantasy genre is one branch of fiction where magic is used as the plot or setting. It could be all about supernatural phenomena. These events take place in imaginary worlds filled with magical creatures. It can be all about ancient myths and legends. It is made up of works by artists, film makers, and writers. Fantasy can sometimes overlap with science fiction and horror. Most works that fall under fantasy fiction are written pieces. Hereby these are referred to as fantasy literature.

Fantasy literature is that aspect of fantasy which is comprised of written works. The story has a theme or approach which is expected in the fantasy genre. Historically, fantasy revolved on these pieces. It was only in the 1960s that this segment grew. It has then taken the form of graphic novels, music and painting. It has been adapted by films and television programs. In today’s modern world, most video games have this theme. This style can be highly distinguished from other forms of writing. Fantasy literature gives its writer freedom of expression. It allows them to use of elements in their narrative. Some use dragons, castles, or fairies. Some have mythological creatures and others wrapped in alluring magic. The authors create an interesting motif. They build their own enchanting world. Symbolism is also recognized in fantasy literature. This is shown through archetypal figures that are inspired by folklore. Many writers apply this style by using archaic language. Fantasy writers give color and invigorate seemingly lifeless stories.

In history, these stories trace way before its printed form. Stories have existed in spoken forms and then passed on. People talked about terrible monsters. They were curious of mysterious magic. The paranormal was no different from this topic. Writers like Homer used this style in his work Odyssey. He put gods, heroes and monsters in his adventures. It was in Victorian times that fantasy writers emerged. The well-known J.R.R. Tolkien’s fiction has played a big role in fantasy history. His publications such as the Hobbit in 1937 was remarkable. This, and The Lord of The Rings in 1954 boosted its popularity. These books were highly successful. His friend C.S. Lewis also contributed with his renowned Chronicles of Narnia. In modern fantasy, the tradition continues to be established. New authors are adapting this style. The late nineteenth and twentieth century shows great fantasy works. There are a lot of noteworthy writers such as Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. Today it can be attributed to J.K. Rowling. The Harry Potter novels have achieved widespread popularity.


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Science Fiction DIY Film

Creating Your Own Low Budget Science Fiction Film

If you watch early science fiction films, you’ll notice that a lot of the special effects look homemade compared to movies today. Many aspiring filmmakers are starting to use those effects again. If you would like make your own low cost, 15 minute science fiction film then there are a few steps that can be taken.

Choose A Theme

Decide what type of film you’d like to make. There are several genres such as drama, comedy, romance, mystery, romance, etc. There are also different themes such as: lab experiments that go terribly wrong, genetic mutations, alien invasions, zombies and raising the dead, apocalyptic disasters as well as time travel. Another option is doing something silly which spoofs other science fiction films.

20 Million Miles to Earth 1957 - Bill LileWrite A Script

Devote one page to each minute. There should be a definitive beginning, middle and ending. For example, in act one, the hero’s son is abducted by aliens; in act two, the hero discovers their location; In act three, the hero infiltrates the alien camp and rescues his son.

Identify Shooting Locations

If, for example, your scenes take place on a desolate planet, then go to a beach, a large backyard, or put miniature spaceships in a sandbox and do a closeup shot. If you are shooting an apocalyptic scene, then try an empty playground or parking lot. For primeval time scenes try shooting in a dark forest.

Collect Props 

Look for capes, rubber masks, makeup and fake blood. Craft stores carry various supplies such as: pipe cleaners, Styrofoam shapes, lights and boxes. Raid your child’s toy box for Legos, plastic bugs, plastic dinosaurs and rubber snakes. Check your fridge for odd looking vegetables, colorful liquids, jello molds or anything else that could stand in for alien body parts.
Select Sound Effects

Decide what type of music and sound effects would enhance your science fiction movie. Although sound is added after everything has been shot, you should start thinking about what you will need and making notes on your script. There are several websites that allow people to download effects for free.

Recruit Actors

Ask your family members and friends to participate in your film. You can also put up notices at local theaters that you’re holding auditions. If your budget will not allow you to compensate your actors, then you should at least provide beverages and snacks during the shoot give them with a copy of your science fiction film when it’s finished.


One Last Tip

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20 Million Miles to Earth 1957 – Bill Lile


Mythological Creatures 101

dragon and moon - luis alejandro bernalTop 5 Mythological Creatures

Have you always been fascinated about the different kinds of mythological creatures that are thought to exist? Below is a list of the top 5 creatures that many believe are in fact true.




5. The Chupacabra

This creature is described as being 3 feet tall, with grey skin, sharp spikes on its back, and sharp claws and fangs. It was first reported in 1990 in Puerto Rico where locals claimed that the creature attacked their animals, and would drain them of their blood. A lot of people around the world believe that the Chupacabra is an alien with supernatural powers. Others also claim that it hypnotizes animals with its eyes.
4. The Jersey Devil

During the 18th Century, a woman called Mother Leeds gave birth to her 13th child and as she was doing so, screamed, “Let this one be a devil!”. Shockingly, she gave birth to a baby that had a head similar to that of a horse, and a set of wings. It is said to have flown up and out of the chimney. It went on to scare the locals until a pastor exorcised it from the area and it was not seen again for 100 years. After that, many people came forward with reports claiming that this mythological creature had attacked them. Panic over the creature’s whereabouts led to several schools and work places being closed.
3. Mermaids

This list of mythological creatures would not be complete without mermaids. Mermaids have gained popularity over the years and are described as having a human torso, with a tail and fins instead of legs. These mythological creatures have inspired movies and books about them. Over the years, mermaid sightings have been made, some even caught on camera. Most mermaids are portrayed as being extremely beautiful. However, myths claim that mermaids are cunning, greedy and kill men by luring them with their looks and melodic voices.

2. Loch Ness Monster

This monster is said to have made a home in the fresh waters of Loch Ness in the British Isles. The lake is said to be extremely deep and wide, fueling the rumors that it is large enough to house a beast of the size of the Loch Ness Monster. This creature is described as having a long neck, with a snake-like body. It is also quite large, measuring at 30 feet. The latest sighting of this creature was on April 19th, 2014. This was by a man who happened to be looking at his Apple Maps of the area, and saw what looked like the legendary monster.

1. Big Foot

This creature is said to look like a big hairy ape that stands at 6 feet tall, has large eyes and a big forehead. This creature has been caught on camera, though the images are grainy and simply show a tall dark mass with a man’s appearance walking through some bushes.

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dragon and moon – luis alejandro bernal